Clinical Pilates
An individualised treatment plan, tailored to your personal needs, with a
focus on the importance of self-management through exercise.


At Body Lab, we focus on the individual. We value specificity and attention to detail, tailoring your treatment to directly address your personal goals and maximise your own strength and wellness.
Every class and treatment session is conducted around our core value of the importance of exercise based injury management. Current research supports the use of exercise for injury prevention, pain management, and to improve physiotherapy treatment outcomes.
For this reason, our clients are commonly referred for Pilates to bridge the gap between hands-on treatment and independent management.


The Process

Close attention to your personal goals, thorough analysis of your condition, close monitoring of your performance, every step of the way.


Your experience as a Body Lab client is different from other treatment centres and large gyms. The personal, intimate atmosphere of our studio and small classes reflect our emphasis on you as an individual. You are no longer part of a large Pilates session, but on your own personal journey to better physical wellbeing.

The Body Lab difference is evident from the minute you walk in the door and throughout every session and treatment you attend.


Dance physiotherapy &
PRE-pointe assessments

Body Lab's dance-specific physiotherapy services aim to prevent injury and maximise performance.

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Myotherapy & remedial massage are widely accepted forms of treatment for both acute & chronic injuries, both as the primary form of treatment, & conjunction with physiotherapy management.

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